Scott Francis is a visionary thinker, prolific creator, heartfelt teacher, and soulful citizen.


His integration of be-ing and do-ing allows him to connect with patterns and translate them into opportunity.


I see Art and Architecture as ways of exploring, investigating and expressing in form, the beautiful mysteries of life, its intrinsic patterns and higher order intelligence.

In between the transcendental experience of no-form (pure awareness) and the manifest expression of form (realization), there lies a magical and mostly inexplicable process of creation – the birth of human consciousness, the uncovering of meaningful patterns, the translation of these patterns into an actionable and generative framework for design, and finally, the birth of actual physical form.

For me, this process of creating is shaped by two significant practices that I have cultivated lifelong:

  • A deep practice of yoga and meditation connects me with pure awareness, channeling a higher imagination.
  • A concerted practice of craft and artisanship connects me to the tangible expression of manifest form.

I use both practices to investigate & explore the patterns inherent in each project.

Because of this methodology, every project has its own authentic truth – its own DNA - and is never an outcome of past experience, personal signature or style. The patterns and higher-order intelligence that I seek to uncover are latent in the human, social, and organizational needs for a particular project, as well as the organic nature of its physical site and other parameters. To do this work in architecture I engage a variety of collaborators; each brings the lens of their own expertise to build the conceptual framework from which form can emerge."


Prior to founding Francis Creative, Scott worked as lead project designer at world-renowned architectural design firms such as NBBJ, ZGF and Callison. His education at prestigious institutions like Cranbrook Academy of Art and Pratt Institute has reinforced his poetic and spiritual take on art & architecture. Scott is also co-owner of a holistic yoga and meditation venue, Be Luminous in Seattle, WA, where he teaches many to be. Francis Creative is its doing complement - together they represent Scott’s lifelong dream of integrating being and doing.



  • Developed and realized a new design benchmark for the integration of discovery and design at the global architectural design firm NBBJ. This level of integration, excellence and leadership was directly responsible for winning the entire scope of Boeing Future Factory, resulting in 5 years of secured work for the firm.
  • As part of NBBJ’s design leadership group, recognized as one of the most conceptual, visionary and prolific senior project designers whose project approach and accomplishments resulted in a paradigm shift in the way projects were designed and realized.
  • Mentored design leaders and teams on an approach for understanding and translating discovery content into meaningful design.
  • Developed new standards for integration and presentation of sustainability criteria, conceptual thinking and building systems on the REI headquarters expansion project.
  • Provided leadership, direction, inspiration and participation in winning interviews with companies such as Boeing, Starbucks and REI. 

Awards & Honors

  • The Boeing Company (Future Factory), Everett, WA
    •  NBBJ Project-of-the-Year, 2006
    •  NBBJ Innovation Award, 2006
    •  Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Honor Award, 2006
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  • The Boeing Company (Move-to-the-Lake), Renton, WA 
    •  AIA Seattle, Award of Merit, 2005
    •  International Illumination Design Awards, Regional Merit Award, 2005
    •  International Interior Design Association, Northern Pacific Chapter, INawards, 2005
    •  Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Merit Award, 2005
    •  Industrial Designers Society of America, Gold Award, 2005
    •  NBBJ Project-of-the-Year, 2005
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  • Generating conceptual frameworks that translate enterprise needs and visions into realizable design.
  • A systematic, integrative approach towards multiple aspects of design: human-need drivers, strategic issues, and experiential aspects such as composition, form, color, materials, and lighting.
  • Development and realization of concepts for master planning, workplace, building shell and core, and environmental sustainability.
  • Balance visionary thinking with pragmatic needs, inspiring content-rich design and well crafted experiential & architectural product.
  • Leadership and support for a collective, collaborative, unified design effort. 
  • Prolific in output of concept studies through a variety of visualization tools, including skillful, emotive and expressive drawings.
  • Experienced in communicating large, complex design strategies to project teams and clients.


  • Francis Creative
    Design Principal, Architect
    December 2010 - Present
  • Be Luminous Yoga
    Co-owner, Teacher
    December 2010 - Present
  • NBBJ
    Senior Associate, Project Design Lead/Architect
    July 2002 - January 2009


  • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca
    May 1997 - September 2000
  • Callison
    Project Design Lead/Architect
    May 1996 - May 1997
  • Abrahams Architects
    March 1993 - May 1996


  • Francis Creative
    January 1992 - March 1993
  • Collaborative Group
    September 1992 - January 1993
  • Frank Gottsegan
    September 1991 - January 1992 


  • Master of Architecture
    Cranbrook Academy or Art, 2002


  • Bachelor of Architecture
    Pratt Institute, 1991


  • Study Abroad
    Florence, Italy, 1989 

Project History






  • Sloan Residential Remodel
    Scope: 10,000 s.f.
    Cost: $3m 


  • Amazon Corporate Headquarters
    Scope: 220,000 s.f.
    Cost: $50m
  • Southport Office Campus
    Scope: 550,000 s.f.
    Cost: $50m
  • Dearborn Campus - Concept Package
    Scope: 750,000 s.f.
    Cost: $110m 



  • Wellpoint Health Insurance Corporate Headquarters
    Scope: 100,000 s.f.
    Cost: $40m
  • US Bank Everett Remodel
    Scope: 5,000 s.f.
    Cost: $150,000
  • Factoria Office Building
    Scope: 300,000 s.f.
    Cost: $60m
  • Eddie Bauer Corporate Headquarters Expansion
    Scope: 400,000 s.f.
    Cost: $110m 






  • Gardner Residence
    Scope: 35,000 s.f
    Cost: $5m
  • Eastlake Townhouses
    Scope: 3,000 s.f.
    Cost: $800,000
  • Borderstone Lodge 
    Scope: 5,000 s.f.
    Cost: $1.7,000
  • Jefferson Remodel/Addition 
    Scope: 3,000 s.f.
    Cost: $1m 



  • Milite Loft Remodel
    Scope: 3,000 s.f
    Cost: $1.2m